1. System Settings (press ok)

2. Servers (press ok)

3. Portals (press ok)

4. Press F1 (red key)

5. Press down arrow 7 times to ‘url1:’

6. Press KB button on remote (2 buttons down from F4(blue button)

7. Go upto “back space” press ok to delete, go to “0”(zero) press ok, ┬áto say url1:

8. Press KB button once

9. Press ok to save

10. Reboot box



1. Open stb app

2. Press menu (or hold ok for 2-3 seconds)

3. Settings press ok

4. Profiles press ok

5. Select ‘v’ profile press ok

6. Portal Settings press ok

7. Portal URL press ok

8. Press “back” button on remote once

9. Press right arrow until cursor is at the end of line

10. Press ok

11. use on screen keyboard to delete :88 so to say:

12. Press “back” on remote

13. Goto “OK” and press ok on remote

14. Exit and reboot